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Grumpy Garden Art Cards - Pen and Paper Sketch Series

Grumpy Garden Art Cards - Pen and Paper Sketch Series

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Original Art Card with a pass-partout card blank and envelope. The artwork slips in free into the card and can be framed and hung on its own if so desired. An original art gift and a correspondence card in one.


Size: A6 Square

Off White / Cream Card 


The Grumpy Garden Collection

On a day that I was tired and grumpy - I went to bed early and picked up my art journal and started to doodle different designs. A garden started to appear in the pages, full of strangely familiar yet oddly unrecognisable flowers and plants that haphazardly existed together in many phases of their lifecycle. 

They were soon accompanied by a little bug that is neither bee nor beetle nor ladybird. 

I felt so cheered up after I had drawn these doodles that I felt they needed to be named after the grumpiness that originated them.

May the Grumpy Garden make you always smile; whether just a little upward lilt of the corner of your mouth, a bigger grin that reaches to the crinkle of your eyes or a face splitting ear to ear bonanza!



Mixed Media Pens

Acid Free Paper and Envelope

Each painting is signed.

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